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25th May 2021

Is a non-contagious, chronic hypersensitivity of the face that normally affects the nose and cheeks. Small blood vessels of the skin enlarge which causes swelling and a permanent flush appearance. The forehead, cheeks and chin may also appear to get yellow headed pimples, commonly found with acne rosacea. Rare cases it may spread to the ears, neck, chest and back.

 The skin may appear to have:

  • Excess oil
  • Redness across the cheeks and nose that may appear to look like sunburn
  • Blushing or flushing that occurs easy and lasts longer than normal
  • Solid papules and pustules
  • Visible red lines caused by damaged or enlarged blood vessels
  • Lumpy appearance


  • Lifestyle modification such as sun exposure, diet, alcohol, smoking
  • Skin care:
  • Soap free cleansers
  • Mineral based makeup
  • Sunscreen that contains silicones
  • Vitamin E helps fight free radical damage and promotes skin rejuvenation
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